One Clear Beautiful Day

Baba Suley picked Amina up from the bus station. “How was the journey?” He asked as he took her luggage to the car.

“Tiring! “ Amina answered. “I had a rough morning and I was hoping to catch some sleep but the other passengers are the noisiest bunch that I have ever travelled with.”  Baba Suley laughed. On the drive home, Amina stared out of the window. She was still fascinated by the vast green lands on either side of the road. She had been to Baba Suley’s three times already but it was still refreshing to see the landscape on the way and to breathe in the fresh air. The road was untarred but the dust was minimal so the windows had been rolled down halfway. Amina was watching the road ahead when she felt something hitting the window. She turned and saw a snake. Suddenly, there were more sounds and more snakes were on the glass trying to get in. She felt a sharp pain on her left arm. It seemed like a snake had already gotten into the car and had bitten her. Then, she heard her name being called softly. She opened her eyes.

It was Baba Suley. “Sit well otherwise you will get a neck ache by the time we arrive home,” He advised.  Amina shifted in her seats and noticed a few blades of grass on her lap. Just then, the side mirror hit another blade and it flew into the car. Some of the wild grass blades were leaning onto the road. Amina stared at the vegetation and when she was sure there was nothing amiss, she picked up the leaves on her lap and allowed them to fly out of the window onto the road.


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