Dumsor must stop!

I know that dumsor has a lot of advantages. Well, first of all it has helped many people resort to other forms of non-electronic entertainment. I saw some people who never read books reading because there was nothing else to do and I thought, “Wow, dumsor is not so bad after all.” In college, for some time the generators were put off during a blackout so that they could cool down. At this time, we left our laptops for a few minutes and were forced to socialize and find all those friends we had forgotten. I thought, “Wow, dumsor has its good sides after all.” The dumsor exercise has given us a number of excuses. Now, when someone is mad at you for being unreachable, you just keep quiet and allow the person to vent out his or her anger and then you say softly,” Well, I travelled and the place that I went to was experiencing dumsor so I could not charge my phone. When I got home, it was our turn for dumsor so you see, there was not much that I could do.” You watch the person look at you guiltily and apologise,” Oh! I am sorry. I did not know that you were in such a situation.” At this point, you know the person will do anything that you want in order to make amends to you.

Well, all that good stuff being said, dumsor must stop. Seriously! When you do not know the dumsor plan, it is very frustrating. Dumsor happens at the moment when you are watching a tv channel and there is this movie showing and one of the characters is about to answer a question you know is going to be in a mind-blowing way. Suddenly, the tv goes blank and you realize that you do not even know the title of the movie. Sometimes dumsor happens when the camera is on an object and you wonder, “What on earth is that?” Just when the camera is getting closer and you are about to get your answer, poof! The tv goes off and at such a time you would rather be anywhere than in Ghana where the dumsor is so so annoying. Stupid Stupid dumsor! Dumsor must stop! Seriously!!!


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