60 years on……

Interesting piece by Mssoda.


I come from a place where children are to be seen and not heard

So they shove down our ideas

Sisters come in second or even third

Even with a younger brother in the family tree

I come from a place which hails a stranger perambulating

with a replica of what an indigen had tried to bring alive

They killed his dreams and called him a dreamer

Yet the hail a complete stranger

Where I am from Kings are not merely the men on the stool

But everyman who knows a man who knows a man

A man who has tasted power, is in power or is sure to know a power

Kings are not leaders but leeches

They enjoy with their families and extend it to nephews and a few ”nieces” on a few campuses

They are Lords and answer to know one wept their little mistresses

Missing guineafowls, imports…

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