Complementary Books


You know how people find things that go well together like discovering that “aha” feeling when taking chilled water right after eating mints,   I have also discovered some book combinations I think people should try. Just read one immediately after the other.

Chimamanda Amanda Ngozi’s  “Americanah” and NoViolet Bulawayo’s “We Need New Names.” These two books talk about being in Africa and moving to the dream country, the USA. We learn about the cultural clashes and how our protagonists view things as Africans living in this America where life is supposed to be much better.

Rainbow Rowell’s “Fangirl” and Leila Sales’ “This Song Will Save Your Life”. These books are about teenage girls growing up. One protagonist does not care to fit in and the other tried hard to fit in but did not. These books are about getting out of our comfort zones and the support that we get from the people we meet . Not everybody may stay with us but we can always learn something from the people who come our way in life.

Camara Laye’s  “The Radiance of a King ”  and Francis Selormey’s ” The Narrow Path.” These books are set in Africa with a lot of African cultural elements.The last sentences of the books are what make them make them so amazing  . When I read them, I was still for a moment and thought, “Wow, that was mind-blowing” and I kept reading the last pages over and over again.To understand,we must journey with the protagonists from the beginning of the book to the end without rushing through. It is only then that we can truly appreciate the magic that happens on the last  pages of the books.

Till I come your way again, I’m out!!!


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