Just another man with a car

A man cut once in front of him with a car. He sounded his horn at the other driver who started gesticulating angrily with a hand.  From experience, he knew it might as well as meant “f**k off” He drove into the other lane to catch up with the other driver, rolled down the windows and shouted, “You shouldn’t be on the road if you don’t know how to drive.”

“Stupid man!” The other driver shouted. “It is you who doesn’t know how to drive. Who are you?” There started a tirade from which words would have to be filtered for very young ears and the tirade ended only when they lost sight of each other. This incident was forgotten almost as soon because it is a normal thing that happens on the road.

A year or two passed and he met a woman he was really interested in, a woman he wanted to share the rest of his life with. She had met his parents and now it was his turn to meet hers.

“Don’t worry,” She assured him.  “I’m sure you will love my papa and he will love you too.” He knew that he looked smashing even though he arrived at her home feeling all-panicky. A woman, her mother received them at the door and they all went into the hall. There, seated on a rocking chair in a navy blue smock and white trousers reading a newspaper was a balding man. The balding man raised his eyes to them at their entrance. Now, he had met many people but that face … had he seen it before? Of course, it was that day he had argued with a man who had cut in front of him.  There had been many of them but surprisingly, this man was unmistakable even though it was more than a year ago.

The older man’s forehead cringed.  His face looked pained as he tried to remember something. “Have we met before?”

“No, sir,” He answered. After all, technically speaking, they had never really met; never been introduced to each other otherwise he could also say that he had met a lot of people including some celebrities.

The balding man placed the newspaper on a coffee table, got up, offered a hand and said, “Anyway, welcome to our home.”

“Thank you, sir” He said. “You have a lovely home…lovely garden…lovely potted plants. “ He was working the firm handshake thing but it was the looking-into-the-eyes-of-the-other- man part that was hard. It was even harder trying to swallow the drink and meat turnover as they sat in the hall making small talk.

The first introduction is all about making a very good lasting impression. Everyone always says that but he had a feeling he was losing and just sitting there trying to fight a battle he had already lost.

When the meeting was over and they that is himself and his love walked to his car, she asked him,” Is something wrong? You seemed a little out of your element. “

“Nothing’s wrong,” He assured her. “I guess it’s just one of those days where a person feels a little off.”

She took his hand in hers. “I understand. I’m sure papa likes you already and there will be many more meetings. “

“Yes, “He said. He wanted to tell about the first encounter but he did not. They parted ways when he got into his car and drove away. He parked along the way somewhere to reflect. A man had once cut in front of him. It did not matter whether he was on the right side of the law or not but that incident would determine the course of his love life. He wondered if she would choose him or her father if the incident came up. He had already invested too much time and emotions to let her go that easily. Whatever the case was, it would just be a matter of time before he knew whether or not he would be returning the emerald love-shaped engagement ring hiding in one of his drawers at home. She would love it and it would be simply betrayal giving it to another.


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