The notion of “dignity” and my thoughts on it

What is it with Ghanaians and their idea of dignity?  Someone thinks that he has a couple of children and grandchildren so therefore the world must bow down before him or her. Some people even think that having children is an automatic ticket to heaven.

I am sorry but I must disagree. What is dignified about walking on the dirty streets of Ghana knowing that a majority of the people claim to have common sense but cannot seem to understand the whole idea of not littering the ground?  I mean, what is dignified about the fact that we have natural resources but we do not seem to be able to manage this while larger countries with less have been able to turn around their economies to improve the lives of their citizens? What is dignified about having children when one knows that he cannot support them?

What is dignified about knowing that I literally owe the citizens of any developed country because my government keeps borrowing and borrowing? I think a lot of Ghanaians must redefine their notion of dignity. Having children is a blessing; parenting skills can earn respect for a person. Maybe someday, I just might speak my mind to someone who demands respect just for having children. Maybe I’ll earn a slap but no one can blame a man for trying.


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