Thank God for trousers!

What should the title of this blog post be? Should it be “Thank God for trousers” or “A mighty fall”?
It all started on Friday morning when I was pondering whether to wear a skirt or a pair of trousers.
No, it all started earlier in the week when I was thinking and realized that I had not lost my footing in a long time. I was thinking that I was lucky because I know I can be very clumsy sometimes. Then I got that feeling of unease; that feeling I get when I have not got the cold flu in a long time and I wonder why and then two days later, I catch a cold. By thinking about it, I invite cold to myself.
To cut a long story short, I was walking home after work. I know I was really not paying attention to anything because I had walked that path many times and there was nothing new to see. I was walking over a tree stump when I realized that something was different.  I was going down and there seemed to be no way to prevent it.  Before I hit the ground, all I could think was that I did not want my handbag to fall on the ground. Everything happened in slow motion and fast at the same time. I fell with my handbag and my shoes came off my feet. Unfortunately, I was at the roadside and I am sure that the passengers of the vehicles stuck in traffic had quite a sight. I got up with such speed and wiped the dirt of my clothes. My trousers protected me or I would have acquired nasty scars on my legs to remind me of this fall forever.
The most important thing from the fall was that when I got up, I never asked myself why it had to be me falling down beside a busy road. This shows some level of maturity for me. Hmmm, to think that I almost wore a skirt that morning! Thank God for trousers!


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