From frying pan into fire?

Yesterday it rained and rained and we wondered if it would ever stop. We asked ourselves if it was going to be a work day or a no-work day. Finally, we gathered courage and braved the cold and the mud and the puddles and got to the bus station. There was only one bus so we all sat inside. It did not matter the final destination as long as it got us closer to our individual destinations. As we sat and waited for the vehicle to fill up, water drops fell on us from the ceiling and we looked at each other and used that mind language, “Is this not as bad as being out in the rain?” We looked outside the windows and found that there was no hope of another vehicle. “Do we even have a choice?”

We gathered our bags close to our chests and took out hankies. It was going to be a long journey. After all , was it not a typical rainy day in Ghana?




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