From a feminist standpoint

My brother and I were watching this show, Law Express on Metro TV the other day. We really enjoyed the show and there was an interesting discussion on rape and actions that qualify as rape. The host was arguing about the reasons that marital rape offenders are not reported or convicted. Marital rape only seems to be reported when couples are breaking up.  We were listening to the legal pundits who just answered that it was not part of the Ghanaian laws yet.  My brother and I could not just see eye to eye with the host. To me, the legal practitioners who also happened to be only males argued like sexists.

My close friends think I am a feminist so I am going to answer the question the way I would have answered in this argument. Marital rapes are often unreported  because some things are just beyond legal laws. There is nothing sexist about this. Every day, people hit each other or rain abuses on each other but some are never reported because there is hope for reconciliation.  Women will not charge their husbands with rape so that their husbands go to prison and simply come out and say, “Yes, honey, I spent a couple of miserable years in prison but I am out now.  Let’s make up. Where are the kids?  I missed several years of their lives.”

Even if marital rape becomes a legal offence in Ghana, the situation is not going to change, dearies. It might change when the punishment does not include dragging offenders to court and having them face jail time. I rest my case.


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