To be completed in 2016

I started writing a story  in the last quarter of 2015 but I could never finish it. I don’t even know how it is going to end. Here it goes;

How do you hide a diary when you are a teenage boy who spends his life in school with a class of about forty other students or in the dorm with nineteen other students and broken lockers? How do you keep a secret diary when you spend vacations in a house with too curious relatives and a room with an older brother and two cousins?

I never thought I would keep a diary. I had read about the trouble that it got people into. In class Five, Ama Mintah kept a diary in which she insulted the class teacher. Unfortunately, the teacher found out about it and her life was hell. I thought that keeping diaries was a very girlish thing and no boy should ever dream of it so I had never planned to keep one.

It’s just that one day, I was very sad. I got a broken heart and felt that my heart had been damaged. I was even sure that I was going to die. I had this run-down exercise book so I started writing down my feelings. I was hoping that if my untimely death occurred, someone would pick it up and make the world feel sorry. I did not die after all and when I read my entry later on, I was pretty impressed by the way that I expressed myself. The day that I participated and won a debate for my class, I also wrote my feelings in there and that is how one entry became two, and two three till I felt obliged to write in the book every day. When, the book got full, I decided to graduate to a more diary-like looking book with a mysterious black leather cover. That is also the day that my brother found the new diary in my bag and asked if I had intentions of keeping a diary. I said “no” but he gave me that smile that read “Oh, I will be in your business” and I knew that I had to hide this diary very well or he would know all my secrets.


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