Hey, Mr. Conductor! I am not hitching a ride.

If you are in Ghana and you only do private rides, then you are missing out a lot on what it means to be a Ghanaian proper. The public transportation system provides a lot of amusement, frustration and all other things good and evil.

When commercial bus(trotro) drivers want passengers, they will do anything; stop in the middle of traffic, make an abrupt stop endangering their cars to wreckage, use a route they would not have just because of one passenger, argue with other drivers and conductors over passengers. Simply put, they will do anything.

There are some days when trotro conductors (mates) are virtually cajoling passengers to get into their trotros even when the person’s destination is just a stone’s throw away but there are other days too when conductors take on a very different attitude. Take the last day’s incident for example. A man fought his way from a crowd of potential customers into a trotro. His destination was about three minutes away from where he boarded the trotro. When the mate found out that the man would be dropping off soon, he started complaining bitterly because the man had denied a potential long distance traveller a seat. He complained all the way till the man got down and the driver also shared the same views when he turned around and saw the man. I asked myself why they were complaining. In this world, one loses and wins some. It was not like the dude was hitching a ride. Who knows? He may have been in an emergency situation or trying to beat time. If another passenger had replaced the man, the conductor would have made more money than if one passenger had been sitting in that seat for the entire trip. Eh, Ghana trotro drivers and mates, what happened to customer service?


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