Never Assume Too Many Things

Volta Region: a land of many beauties!
I recently went to the Volta Region of Ghana. It was a nice experience. One memorable event is when one of my travelling companions wanted to get the English translation for the name of a shop that was in the Ewe language. He saw a random young boy walking around and called him. He proceeded to ask him about the meaning of the name. The boy looked so confused. He looked at the shop again and said,” I don’t know the meaning. I do not speak Ewe.”  We all burst out laughing at this point.

This boy was wearing the uniform of a senior high school so my companion again asked him, “Do you attend the school?”

“No,” He replied.

“Then, where did you get it from?”

“My brother gave it to me.” We again burst out laughing. That interaction made my day. While we left him in a jolly mood, that boy might have been thinking the reason that he just had to meet a crazy bunch of people on that day.


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