The It Factor

One day, I was reading this story by Sydney Sheldon, “If Tomorrow Comes”. In the book, there were some artists who could imitate the works of great artists so well that it was hard to tell the difference between the original works and the imitations. That was an important moment for me because I realized that I have always had these questions; what does it take to be successful? What sets successful people apart from other people? What I do know is that hardwork and determination are not enough. Passion is not enough. You may try your best but it doesn’t mean that your best is good enough. One may be passionate about something but it does not mean it will definitely pull a person through. I found myself thinking about this for a very long time. Why is it that some very good musicians are still underground while others with less talents are hitting the music charts? How is it that some authors get their stories unto the bestselling lists while other people with amazing stories struggle to sell a few copies?

Some people say that it is grace. If you keep praying, you’ll get what you want. Some people say that it is fate. If something is meant for you, it’s for you. It might be late in coming but you will surely achieve it. Others also claim that it is all about who you know and who knows you.

Well, I could think about this question and I could search for answers which will never be absolute. So what really is the It Factor?


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