That “Eureka” Moment

Atta was stuck in one of the cubicles in the gents. The lock wouldn’t turn. He felt sleep deprived, love deprived and stressed out. He knelt down and tried to turn the lock again. His mind went to the piece of code that was sitting on his computer screen. He had spent the whole of the previous night on the code already but he could not find the single error that was undermining the application’s functionality. In an hour’s time, he would have to present the software to the clients. He stood for a few seconds thinking and trying to picture the lines of code. He thought about his girlfriend who was not speaking to him because he had missed a date. He thought about his bed with the soft mattress and how he missed it. He was frustrated that after sacrificing love and sleep, he did not get what he wanted. He was angry that of all days he was stuck in the bathroom today. Maybe it was not the door; he was just too tired to do anything. As sadness began to creep over him, the Eureka moment came to him. He finally understood that little annoying thing that had almost compromised his code and career.

“God! I should have taken a good sleep yesterday. All that time wasted and even Bianca is so angry. ” He turned the lock on the bathroom door and it opened.


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