G-String Stigmatization

The first time that I heard about G-Strings was in JSS. At that time, everybody seemed to be talking about them and how bad they were. The girls would be outraged if anybody tried to encourage it because for them it was dangerous to a girl’s health and a sign of prostitution. Wearing G-Strings was therefore really a big deal. Some people even made themselves experts in telling which girls were wearing G-Strings and which girls were not. Now, the thing is if anybody had condemned any girl for wearing any G-string, if she had any sense of shame, she would not be able to wear G-strings too.

Funny enough, it was long before some of these condemners began to wear G-Strings themselves and they always seemed to think that they had a more genuine reason for wearing them. Scenes like this keep playing every day. I guess that they simply make us more human. Usually people tend to criticize actions of people just because they are not doing them and when they start doing the same thing, it is because they feel that they have a better reason for such indulgence. In a more picturesque explanation, people standing outside looking through the window always criticize the people inside but when they do get inside, they start to behave like the people inside. Poor people who become rich people behave this way.  In Ghana, the most notable culprits are the politicians. Opposition parties will forever condemn the ruling party and when they come into power, they do the same things while being opposed by the minority parties.

Often, I feel that people should be quieter and wait till they have tried something before they start judging other people. Why I am I even talking about G-Strings?


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