Hail soul brother, hail soul sister

There are times when you meet certain people and you just get on well with them because it’s like you’re part of a fraternity. It’s something I find with melancholics. I meet one and I think, “Oh sister! Oh brother! I know how you feel and the struggles that you have to go through every day because you just like to keep to yourself.” From there, we just hit off and start a relationship. Melancholics fascinate me because they are like a piece of puzzle to unravel and they can be full of surprises.

There was this one boy in JSS who I simply remembered a few days ago. He simply did not care for talking to the world or was extremely quiet. I remember being a new student and wondering to myself how this boy could be that way and get away with it. He never spoke to any girl unless it was necessary but he was better when it came to talking to boys. Sometimes, we simply forgot that there was someone like that in our class. We did not know if he had siblings, what he liked and hated. We did not know if he loved Maths or not. We did not know his dreams and the secondary school that he wanted to go to.

But there was this one girl who was everybody’s friend. I guess she had a way with people and she was even my closest friend in Junior High School. I think it was because we were in the same neighbourhood. She was an extrovert and was always all out. She was the only girl who knew about him, probably some things that the boys did not even know.

During those times, I was not very fond of JSS and I had just moved there and I felt that the students there were “some way bi” so I did not really feel like talking to any of them. I did not also care if they spoke or did not speak to me. When I thought of that boy the other day, I also thought if it would have made any difference to talk to him. What if I had seen him one day and just said, “Hello, how are you?” I guess that I will never know. I just hope that that boy, now a man is doing well wherever he is.


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