Crazy, Stupid, Love

In the number of years that I have been on earth, I have seen a lot of things. I have seen certain countries that take care of their citizens so well that one can understand why the citizens will give their all for the good of the country.

Every country claims to love its citizens and to exist for them therefore citizens are encouraged to also show their love through patriotism. When it comes to Ghana, I simply cannot understand this love. I look at things that happen in the country and wonder if the government and all government institutions for that matter exist to make citizens miserable. Every day, somebody is complaining about the government or a government institution and how displeased he is with it.

I can cite a number of examples. Over the years, I have watched the news about workers going on demonstrations because of non-payment of salaries in Ghana. Some of the grievances are scary. Imagine not being paid for over a year and yet being expected to live and support a family. Interestingly, when workers are finally paid, it is not even with interest. Every day, there are stories of how people wake up early to go and form very long queues just to get passports, renew ID cards or  get driver’s licenses. I can’t help wondering because I look around me and I see solutions for more effectiveness in these government institutions. Besides, Ghana has so many resource people to consult for lasting solutions. Every day citizens wake up early in the morning and go through the same hassle. What I know about love is that love should strive to improve people but it seems like the sufferings that Ghanaians have to go through every day in the hands of these institutions are intentional.

Resident Ghanaians at one point or the other have experienced some misery when it comes to dealing with public institutions and in such situations we all wonder why God had to place us in a country like Ghana. We also wish we were in some other country and think about how much we loathe the country. In spite of all of this, we are expected to love and be patriotic to this country. This love that Ghana has for its citizens must be some crazy, stupid love because citizens are not feeling it. Every day feels like the citizens are giving out a lot and not receiving enough.

Maybe most Ghanaians have become so indifferent about the country that it looks like they are unpatriotic. If you ask me, it seems that this one-sided love is not working out for a lot of people.


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