Gentle rain

There is a certain kind of rain

Above a drizzle.

It comes without wind

Nor thunder and lightening.

It can last a whole day or a whole night

And it makes a ssh sound.

Tis a gentle rain indeed!

When it rains like this,

Men remember they have wives and children at home

And they just can’t wait to return to them after close of work.

When it rains like this, children wish they were home

Far away from school

In their own warm homes.

When the rain is like this,

Mothers get anxious about their husbands and kids

Who will be out there

Far away from home

Out there in the cold.

That is when their wifely and motherly care will be at its peek.

When the fathers and kids return,

It’ll be all smiles and kisses.

Their favourite meals will be on fire and they will spend the evening in Mama’s kitchen

Eating dinner right from mama’s cooking pot.

Happy moments will be relived,

Sins forgiven and forgotten.

Mothers will prepare warm baths and make sure everyone is clean and spotless

Before going to bed under warm blankets.

Outside, while it gently rains with the ssh sounds,

Father, mother and children will be tucked in bed with smiles on their faces;

A result of the charms that come with the gentle rains


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