A comfortable ride?


Riding a trotro can be annoying and entertaining. So many things have happened on the trotro rides that I have taken. The other day, I took a trotro ride and three people in the vehicle were outstanding.
The woman demanding her change. There was this woman in the trotro who had given the conductor two cedis. Shortly after, the trotro stopped to drop off passengers and pick up more. The conductor was not in the trotro when this woman started asking for her change. Then, the woman started complaining that the conductor did not want to give her her change. “Eii As3m b3n ni!” She exclaimed. She was still nagging the conductor as he reached into his pouch to get her change. Unfortunately, I happened to be sitting down beside her and I felt like saying,” Seriously! Are you doing this now? You know you are sitting with other people and disturbing their peace. Couldn’t you be a little more patient?”
The other woman who wouldn’t stretch out her arm. There was this woman too who was trying to pay the fare. From where she was sitting in the last row, it was impossible to reach the conductor without passing the money through the passengers in front. When the conductor was not looking at her, she would lift up her hand to give him the fare. Being a normal human, the conductor wouldn’t see this gesture as he had no eyes at the back of his head. When he turned, the other passengers would give him their fares and so he would turn back to sort their change for them. It would be at this time that the woman would again lift her hand to give the conductor the fare. Finally, after several failed attempts of trying to get the fare to the conductor, the woman started complaining that it seemed that the conductor did not want his money. Unfortunately, I happened to be sitting down beside her and I felt like saying,” Seriously! What are you saying? You know that this poor conductor doesn’t have superhuman powers and the best way to get him the money is to pass it to the passenger in front of you. And learn to pay attention. How do you expect the conductor to see your hand if his back is turned to you?”
The man who was not listening. The trotro picked up a passenger and the conductor told him to take the second empty seat which was farther away by a row from the first empty seat. The man sat on the first seat so the conductor had to repeat his instruction. Then later, the conductor announced,” Change for the person who paid for two people using 5 cedis.” He gave it to the man earlier mentioned and he was about to pocket it when the conductor told him that it was not his change. He had also used 5 cedis but had paid the fare for only one person. Unfortunately, it was my change and I had to receive it from the man. I felt like saying to him” Dude, have you been listening to the conductor at all? You did not heed anything he said.”
It wasn’t too long after this when the ride came to an end and I got ready to join another trotro with its own story to weave.


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