Yes, I said it! Fuck Africa and Africans, especially Ghanaians! I am tired of us, and our petty minds. Fuck the mind that controlled me in the past. I hate you for making me think so petty. Especially, after our chants about how Africa is rich in everything, from natural resources to ‘intelligent’ and ‘well-educated’ human resources.

Why am I mad? I am really not mad. I am too fed up with the situation in my country to be mad or pissed, and my dog brings me too much comfort. I’m scared of Ebola, I have been opening doors with a fist and even touching that part of the door where I know people don’t usually touch. I have been washing my hands like I drain shit from the septic tank with them every 20mins. I have soap at the entrance of my door in the house, I wash my…

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