The Rabbit, The Hare and The Crab

One day Mr. Crab said to Mr.  Hare, “I have a hat to shade you from the sun. Would you like to buy it?” Mr. Hare looked at Mr. Rabbit and laughed. “You do not even have a head. How can you have a hat?” Later Mr. Hare saw Mr. Rabbit coming from Mr. Crab with a hat. “Where did you get this hat from?”

“I bought it from Mr. Crab,” Mr. Rabbit answered.

Mr. Crab who was counting his money overhead them and said, “When I told you that I had a hat, you did not believe me and now Mr. Rabbit has got the hat.”

The first time that I read this story in a book, I said to myself,” What did I just read? So? What is the writer trying to say? Why are the rabbit and the hare worried about a hat?” Years later, I am beginning to see the lesson of the story. Too often we see people and judge them. As a result we tend to assume too many things. At a job interview, does a person’s appearance and performance determine if the person is the best fit for the job? If a person without a sense of style tells you that he or she can be your stylist, would you believe him? There is this Akan proverb that if a naked person tells you that he will give you a cloth, listen to his name. Today, I can say that maybe the naked person wants to be naked, or he doesn’t like the colour or texture of the cloth. To anyone reading this, I want to tell you about the power of believing even when it doesn’t make sense to believe. It might get you into trouble but life is not always about playing safe.



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