The pet dog

No one will ever know what it feels like to own a dog. No, no one will ever have that feeling of loving and being adored by an absolutely adorable cute dog. The feeling of knowing that this dog will always be waiting for you to get home from school is so good. It’s a fact that a pet dog is way more fun than a toy. You make plans for the future and this dog is in every one of them. On the graduation day, you will both take a picture and the dog will wear the graduation cap. That picture will be framed and put on the desk. No plan could be more perfect.

No one can know how annoying it is to own a dog. No one can ever know. Sometimes you just really want to lie down and this dog wants to eat, or play. It’s even more annoying when the dog poops or pees around and you have to clean up after it because you own the dog. No one can know how annoying having a dog can be.

No one will ever know what it feels like to lose a dog. No one can possibly know that. It is the worse feeling on earth. First, you say to yourself, “It’s going to pop up soon. Maybe it’s just playing with other dogs.” Then, you begin to panic. In the first two days, you believe in magic and you still believe that some miracle will happen. On the third day, you agree with your parents and neighbours that this dog is gone for good since announcements and searches have proved futile. You become heartbroken and think about the plans that you have to rethink without the dog. You begin to regret those moments when you thought that the dog was very annoying. After you say to yourself, “I will try to move on” but then, you see other people with their dogs and there is this painful knot in your throat. You see a documentary about poachers and you become so angry.  How can certain people just steal other people’s property? You make a vow to shoot every poacher that you see because every poacher has stolen your dog. It’s two weeks. You think about getting a replacement dog but you know deep within that it will never be the same dog. Every time you see people playing with their dogs, you still get angry. You won’t admit that it is envy. Why are some people such showoffs? How can they just be playing with their dogs as if it is no one’s business? They should wait until their dogs get stolen. Your parents seem to be getting worried about you. You realize that you are getting crazy.

No one knows what if feels like to find a lost dog. It is such wonderful thing to come home one day to find a dirty looking dog sitting in the compound and wagging its tail at you. You rub your eyes to make sure that it the same dog that you think it is. Nothing can describe that feeling. All that you know is that sins have been forgiven and nothing can destroy the happiness that you are feeling in your heart.

No one can imagine how awful it is to wake up one morning to realize that the dog he or she has grown up loving is lying stiff on the ground never to move again. You cannot know which one is worse, knowing that the dog is gone forever or knowing that the dog is lost. After a while, you get through it and you can pass by the mound of sand appreciating the life that was and happy to have enjoyed such a blessing.


4 thoughts on “The pet dog

  1. As I read this, the dog seemed to symbolize something different in every paragraph.
    First I thought of God and the Holy Spirit, then a child or a kid sibling. Subsequently, I thought of a best friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a new friend, and an old family member.
    I don’t know if this was your intention, but it’s struck a chord in me.

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