Hmmm Alexander!

Where do I begin the story of our lives?


I remember the first day that you came to school. I was going through a heartbreak because my teacher had decided that each girl should be seated next to a boy and so he did some reshuffling. All my best friends got to be in the back rows and I felt so alone sitting in a row ahead of theirs. Then, you came along. I remember the teacher introducing you and telling us that you were joining us from Nigeria. If he said any other thing, I wasn’t listening because I was astonished by your looks. You were tall and fair and you had this wonderful smile. That is when I learnt that there were things called beauty spots because you had one on the lower part of your lips. It was (I think it still is) the most incredible beauty spot that I have ever seen. It gave you this magical smile. I know that your hair extended a little below your face and in front of your ears (sideburns? I think that is what they are called). You looked amazing. Though we never spoke it out loud, every girl in the room thought so.

Then, the teacher announced that you were going to be one of my new sitting partners. Oh my Godddddddddddddd! You were so friendly so it was not long before everyone in the class fell in love with you. Then came the dilemma. I had made arrangements so that it would be possible for my best friends and me to be together again. Then, the right opportunity came and I was torn between leaving you and joining my friends in the back rows. Many people particularly girls were ready to swap places with me. I made up my mind to join my friends. I weighed the options that I had. I really complained about my seat before you came and everyone knew that. If I therefore let a chance to change it go, everyone would smell something fishy and know that it was because of you. So off I went but somehow I always knew what was going on at your place.


Everything about you seemed so perfect. Nothing could ever simply be wrong with you. You had this Nigerian accent and you used to pronounce “her” like “ha”. It was like the coolest thing. It made you so different.  The boys simply couldn’t understand why the girls wanted you to hang out with them. The girls also could not understand why you had to hang out with the boys.  What would have made your life more comfortable? We would have done your assignments, written your tests, killed all your enemies. You only had to say it and it would have been done.


I don’t know if it was fate but we somehow used to bump into each other a lot. One day, we had to form a circle and somehow you ended up beside me. It was like a miracle because I couldn’t figure out how you ended up there. I could somehow always sense your presence. I always searched for you in the crowd because somehow you became the light, something to look forward to everyday. I hated weekends because it meant two days of not seeing you. Then one week-end, I saw you as I went to makaranta. Didn’t I say it was fate? You lived around my makaranta. With this realization, I used to use the route where I would see your house. My little brother never understood why I liked using that long route. Nobody would have understood.


I have lost many things because of you and suffered. I remember the day that my friends and I went to your house. We stayed there a while and left at a later time than usual. My mother was worried sick when I got home and caused an earthquake. She simply couldn’t understand what I was doing at a BOY’S house till that time.  I endured her wrath. Nobody in the world could have understood what was going on with me. I remember the time when an opportunity came for me to get promoted ahead of my class. I rejected it because I did not want to leave all my friends, particularly you. My best friends took the opportunity and graduated a year before me.


I remember the day I finally had to leave to another school. The thought of leaving you was heartbreaking. The last thing that you said to me was, “So, you are leaving?”

I answered, “Yes.” The sun might have fallen from the sky. Not that I would have noticed because the day was already so dark.


I was not in love with you. You were just a crush.




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