Mr. Doggy

Hey you! Mr Doggy Dogg Dog

Why are you looking at me like that?

Don’t try to come near me because I have a stone

Don’t try anything funny or one of us will be seriously injured today

Why can’t we just be friends?

You saw me for the first time yesterday and you were growling

So if your owner had not been there, I would have been attacked!

Mr Doggy Dogg Dog

Why are you growling?

Why can’t we be good friends?

Why are you coming near me?

Oh Lord! No one else is around!

I guess it’s me and you alone on this path today

What if the stone misses and you get angry?

Are you canines as sharp as I think they are?

Do you have rabies?

Oh Lord! I don die for the road today!

What are you looking at behind me?

Oh! So it’s another new face

I knew that we were good friends

Mr. Doggy Dogg Dog

Have I told you that I like you?

I knew that we could be good friends.

It was just a misunderstanding

If we continue to be friends

I shall bring you lots of snacks

Now, Mr Doggy Dogg Dog

I am going

Don’t be too hard on the newbie!


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