When it rains in Accra…

After rains, Accra is not the nicest place to see. Flooded gutters and full gutters are a small reason. One very annoying thing that can be observed after the rains is rubbish. Apparently for some people heavy rains mean an easy way to dispose of their rubbish. Water will be transporting rubbish around in the gutters. You will come out of your house after the rain and find that your home has become a mini landfill. It can be very annoying. You will be thinking of the extra time that will be spent cleaning up and you will be so annoyed.

I don’t know how some Ghanaians think. They must be really shallow-minded. I guess that they always think short term. If rubbish gets into the drains, these drains will eventually get choked. Everybody will be affected when a neighbourhood gets flooded. Amazingly, in some neighbourhoods that waste management vehicles can get to, this is the case. I cannot help wondering if people just don’t want to pay to get rid of their rubbish. Well, whatever the case may be, there are certain places in Accra that I shall try hard to avoid after rains.


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