Problems and Parenting

I think that all the problems that we face in the world today come from so many little drops and they all come together to form one huge problem for the whole world. I feel that if all parents did their duties by their children and tried to improve themselves with every day, three quarters of the problems on earth would be solved. I remember the stories about philanthropists who were so good at taking care of other children and were recognized very well outside their homes. Meanwhile, at home everything was tumbling down and their children were not getting the attention that they needed. These children grow up with all kinds of emotional problems and also create problems for the world.

I watch  soldiers that support military regimes and wonder what is going through their minds. I do not see autocratic governments but I see all these people that support them. Edward Murrow said that no one can ever terrorize a nation unless we are all his allies. All these military men go to their homes and are normal citizens. Do they not listen to the cries and worries of their families? If they can be doting family members at home, then are the cries not enough to overcome their allegiance to the military and the government? Are they content to watch their fellow human beings suffer at their own hands.

Then again, the ball rolls back to the issues of parenthood. If parents teach their children the importance of love, selflessness, equality, patience, etc, they would be more peaceful and happier.



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