What has racism got to do with snakes?

Just recently in a class, I found out that racism is still a very very big issue in America. Well, I knew traces of racism are still there but I didn’t know the extent of it. Those of us down here who watch tv feel that the blacks are on top of their games and everything is alrighty. Blacks are winning awards and representing in the lists of the wealthy and most influential people. I mean, who wouldn’t think that everything is okay?  Apparently, even though there are laws, they are not applied in the same way to everybody. The major question is if there will ever be an end to racism?

I was walking down a road sometime later with some mates and there was this python trying to make its way its way across the road to a nearby bush. A kind of argument ensued amongst us about whether to kill the snake or not. I was for the fact that this snake was just minding its business and was pretty harmless because it was not going to a place humans were occupying.  Some others argued that a snake is a snake no matter where it is going. Snakes are simply dangerous. I did not win. The snake was killed.

I could not help thinking about racism at that time. In connection with the snake incident, maybe it should be called snakism.  Nobody ever cares about the story of the snake. It is diabolical, simple. Nobody remembers that it is God’s creation and everything that God creates is good. Nobody ever seems to think that the snake might have family waiting at home. Nobody remembers that the snakes have a right to their habitats. Nobody ever wants to know the story of the snake. Why does it have to glide around? How does it feel to be literally the most hated animal on earth? Why would a snake strike me? It is always the snake’s fault that he is at the wrong place. The snake has no right to fight to survive. No, only the great cats and dogs and other animals deserve it. They kill it, and later admire its beautiful skin. What if there was a snake revolution? Does this sound familiar? I feel that everybody is busy trying to determine who is right and wrong, the superior one. I believe that if we try to understand each other, the places we come from and why we do the things that we do, a lot of the problems will be solved. We can’t help it. The world is full of differences-shapes, sizes, colours, lines. They are not mistakes. We should all learn to live with that. Forgive the wrongs, learn about each other, and love each other!

So it’s time to learn about the ways we can co-exist with snakes without killing each other. Say no to racism! Say no to snakism!


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